Case Studies


In 2020 we partnered with USAID’s ACCESS program to bring Virtual Mentor for Postpartum Hemorrhage to frontline health workers at 20 basic health centers in Madagascar. The extreme social distancing required to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus provided an opportunity for Virtual Mentor to do what it does best–to build health worker capacity when a human mentor is not available.
By adapting the branching logic for this context and changing the voice to “speak” Malagasy and French, Virtual Mentor supports health workers as they practice managing PPH in simulation drills. While training ‘in place,’ these health workers use a tablet device loaded with the Virtual Mentor app that functions without need for a network connection. Health workers prepare to simulate a PPH, turn the app on, and then converse with Virtual Mentor as they practice all the actions they should complete in the case of an actual emergency. Data collection and an evaluation of this project will be complete by the end of the year.