Theory of Change

Years of research and experience in the field have molded Virtual Mentor.  Here’s what we have found.


Shortage of health workers results in a few specialists focused in referral facilities while health workers in frontline facilities are generalists.

Health workers do not systematically universally apply available knowledge and supplies to life-threatening emergencies.

Preventable death or loss of function when health workers do not manage emergencies using available knowledge and resources.


Health workers need real-time decision support to effectively manage uncommon emergencies.

Mothers need access to highest quality care, at any entry point to the health care system.


Health workers engage Virtual Mentor app when they diagnose emergency condition.

Health workers converse with Virtual Mentor until emergency is resolved or elevated to higher level of care.

Health workers quickly and effectively complete assessments and treatments recommended by Virtual Mentor.


Short term:
Health workers routinely act according to standardized procedures that optimize quality of care.

Long term:
Optimial quality of care results in decreased mortality and morbidity

Long term:
Health workers experience increased confidence and satisfaction in their work outcomes.

Patient experience of Virtual Mentor application