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Learn about how Virtual Mentor is different than other apps in the industry.

Several mobile applications in this space are meant to provide didactic instruction, in the format of an online course. A well-known example is the Safe Delivery app, which provides text and video instructions for managing obstetric complications. Users can work through the course content at their own pace and complete quizzes to check their knowledge.

Another example is Bodhi Health Education, a mobile nurse training app that uses gamification and hypothetical patient cases. These self-paced learning apps provide health workers with content, but they are not useful during hands-on patient care (or hands-on practice).

Other mobile apps offer an interactive checklist approach to complex clinical cases, such as the care of sick infants. These apps are text-based and require the health worker to be visually and manually engaged with app, holding the tablet or phone while they enter data and tick boxes with their fingers.
Virtual Mentor is the first application to guide the health worker, in real time, through the correct response to the patient’s presentation, in a voice-only conversation. While the health worker’s hands are administering medications, applying pressure, massaging, and inserting catheters, Virtual Mentor provides decision support without requiring any manual manipulation of the device.
Virtual Mentor’s conversational design keeps the health workers engaged in a timely series of interventions that begins with diagnosis and proceeds systematically through assessments and treatments, encouraging the health worker to “push through” fear, forgetfulness, and distraction to resolve the patient’s problem.

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