Bring Virtual Mentor to your team

Virtual Mentor is an ideal in-service training tool. We recommend the following:
  1. Confirm that the Virtual Mentor emergency management protocol (for example, PPH) is aligned with your facility’s protocol. The Virtual Mentor team is eager to meet with you to discuss protocol alignment.
  2. Plan for simulated emergency drills that allow providers to practice emergency management as realistically as possible in an available space that is a real ward or is very similar to a real ward (place where patients receive care). The Virtual Mentor team can advise you if you have not completed simulation training activities before.
  3. Determine an ideal schedule for each provider to complete simulated emergency drills. Each simulated case requires about 30 minutes. Decide how many emergency drills you would like each provider to complete, and at what intervals. For example, you might like every birth care provider to stay emergency-ready by completing 2 PPH simulations in one day (the patient case can be different in each simulation), and repeat this every 3 months.
  4. Virtual Mentor will do the rest! As the simulated emergency (such as PPH) begins, the birth provider calls for help. Virtual Mentor converses with the provider throughout the simulated PPH, reminding her/him of all the actions to take based on the provider’s assessments.
For health care workers that are experienced in the basics of medication and IV administration and fundamental procedures such as bladder catheterization, Virtual Mentor provides ongoing practice of medical decision-making so that workers’ response in real emergencies is calm, routine, and standardized. It is also an ideal platform to introduce and practice incremental innovations in management, such as when tranexamic acid was added to the global PPH management protocol.

This in-service training can be accomplished without a visiting mentor because the Virtual Mentor guides each trainee. Each Virtual Mentor session is documented automatically in the app; this documentation can be provided to the training supervisor as evidence that training sessions were completed as intended.

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